You are nature.

Your health, fitness, & vitality begins with this.

Reclaim your fitness. Protect your health. Restore the planet. 

We are (human) animals!

It’s easy to forget that despite all our progress we’re not a modern species. We’re still the same creatures that thrived for hundreds of thousands of years living according to biology’s plan – but we don’t live like that anymore… and our health and resiliency has been on the decline because of it.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Through personalized coaching and programs, fitanimal helps people reclaim the health, fitness and vitality we were designed for. We teach a way of living—designed by nature and informed by science— that is simple, effective, and sustainable. A way of life for anyone, any stage, anywhere that cuts to the heart of what is ailing us, allows our bodies to heal, and reclaims the robustness written in our genes.

No matter where you are on your health journey, please join us in our mission to re-become the resilient, capable and flourishing creatures nature designed us to be, and help our planet heal.



Personalized one-on-one programs to help you reclaim your health & fitness, age well, and live wildly


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For people & the planet

a radical act of self love
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a responsibility to our planet

be radical. be rogue. be responsible.
fitanimal : be one.