ReWild: Reclaim your health…the way nature intended

One-on-one health & fitness coaching program designed for you

No matter what your unique challenges or goals are, the path to feeling and looking your best doesn’t have to be complicated or full of struggle. Protecting health and aging well was never meant to be a mystery requiring guess-work and luck. By addressing the connections between all of the “signals” you send your body each day—such as your food and activity choices, exposure to toxins and all the stressors—fitanimal coaching will help you discover the simple path to feeling and looking great and staying totally badass, for life.

Through our work together we will explore new ideas and approaches, uncover barriers, and create a plan that addresses your unique physiology, and daily demands. We will dispel myths, challenge conventional norms, and re-vamp thinking and habits around your self-care to create a way forward that serves you for the long-term.

Together We’ll

  • Discover: your unique needs and your goals
  • Simplify: learn what is and is not supporting your health, fitness, and longevity
  • Act: with guidance and support, put into practice a plan developed for you
  • Transform: hone a simple and sustainable way of living that supports your goals for the long-term
  • Serve: create win-win’s by learning what matters in our efforts to keep our environment healthy, so we’re healthy

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