“When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.”  

-John Muir


For people

Today, we have access to so much information and technology. We get to enjoy so many conveniences and comforts, yet as a whole our species’ health and vitality is on the decline. Why hasn’t all of our access and advancements made us the happiest, healthiest, most resilient humans ever?

Well, because they can’t. Not entirely, anyway.

There’s a clear path to protecting our health and aging well, and it begins with changing the way we see and care for ourselves in this modern world. 

fitanimal is about reconnecting with who we are. 

Through coaching, educating, and advocating, we help people restore health and vitality, for life. We do not subscribe to trending fads or dogma. We look to science and history and what they can teach us but mostly, we maintain an unwavering respect for the fact that we are nature and it’s the first lens we must look through when approaching our health. Our focus is understanding our biology, our being, and its connection to the whole.

& the Planet

The public health crisis – issues such as chronic disease, obesity, depression, among others – and the planet’s declining health are inexorably linked. As we became a more industrialized society two things happened: we moved even further away from living in accordance with our genes (i.e. nature), and we started degrading the planet, quickly.

We want to live our best lives…yet the more we learn the more we realize that some of today’s advances are not advances at all. We need a back to basics, do no harm approach to protecting the lives of people and the planet.

We have to act now, in the small everyday ways and in large sweeping ways. Through our work with individuals and groups, fitanimal cuts through the confusion, the noise, and the greed, and gets to the heart of what is ailing us and the planet and what we can do today to turn us around.

About Trish:

I’ve always been intrigued by the complexities, nuances, and contradictions in life. While I do believe there is often a best way forward, I don’t believe there is only one side, one truth. This perspective brings with it an awareness, compassion and sensitivity that serves me well in my work to help others. 

After a decade working on global environmental health programs in Africa and Central America, I felt pulled by the growing disconnects I observed abroad and at home and their impact on our health and the planet’s. At the same time, I was experiencing transformations in my own health, influenced by perspective gained from living and working in a variety of cultures – the exposure to new ideas, and old wisdom. 

In 2013, fitanimal was born.  

Since inception, fitanimal has accumulated thousands of direct client hours through one-on-one coaching and workplace health programs. fitanimal is committed to spreading the truth that we are resilient, capable creatures dependent on a healthy planet—designed for vitality, purpose, and adventure…just as nature intended.

Trish Anderson, MPH: Certified health, fitness, and personal development coach based in Atlanta, Georgia; graduate of Emory University’s Masters in Public Health, Global Environmental Health Program; Anthropology & Sociology degree from Agnes Scott College