Vital Fitness for everyone

Custom fitness programming for individuals and groups

The point of exercise is to mimic the type of active living that our body needs and expects. It’s the signal that sends the message to our body to stay healthy, prepared, capable, and ready.  

Exercise can be a powerful drug. The proper “dose” can up-regulate hormones that keep us feeling energetic, slow aging, and help us fight off disease. It is critical for the proper functioning of our organs, metabolism, endocrine system, and mental health. It’s essential.

Today, in our fast-paced, toxin-filled, sleep-deprived world, our bodies are already working double time to manage all that stress. Exercise, while a beneficial stressor in the right amount, can quickly turn into a catabolic, mood dampening, cortisol inducing nightmare if not applied thoughtfully. Our efforts can leave us with little progress, and accelerate aging, if we don’t adhere to key principles of developing fitness. 

fitanimal’s personalized fitness programs combine the tenets of strength and conditioning with what our biology actually requires for lasting health and vitality. Programming takes into account your needs and goals, and your daily demands, to build a routine that leaves you energized, strong, and improving month after month. Custom programs can be designed for home, gym, or office based training, and always include sessions that get you moving outside.

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